We provide HD and Ultra HD 4K Video with our in-house video cameras or we are capable of carrying other camera systems including the Red Scarlet and Red Dragon. Larger video cameras are mounted on a totally independent quick release, 3 axis stabilised gimbal with operator controlled Pan, Roll and Tilt. Our smaller Multirotor utilizes a 2 axis stabilised gimbal on roll and tilt for missions not requiring use of the larger more sophisticated cameras.

The Camera Operator has full control of the camera and gimbal totally independent of the Multirotor, enabling him to view and capture the perfect video scene with “Live View” transmitted directly to an on-board monitor on his Radio Transmitter Tray.

Our Base Station is set up with “Live View” and mission recording from the Multirotor FPV Camera and “Live View” from the Mission Camera allowing the Production Crew or Client to view the live footage on 2 HD Monitors as it is being recorded.

We have a 3 axis Stabilised Hand Held Gimbal for ground use. It easily carries Cameras up to the Red Dragon.

If you require a specialised system please contact us and we will work with you to achieve your objective.