Our Multirotors are equipped with the latest generation Electronics and Flight Control Systems enabling us to carry out missions only dreamed of not so long ago. We build our Multirotors in-house utilizing the highest quality components and systems from around the World. Our Multirotors are continually evolving as improvements in systems and components are developed, this places our Multirotors at the cutting edge of Technology and are second to none.

All our Multirotors are rigorously tried, tested and proven long before they are put to work ensuring the highest possible level of reliability and safety.

GPS assisted Flight Control systems enable the Multirotor to Hold Position and Altitude with a level of accuracy not possible previously or when flown by hand. This delivers a perfectly stable platform in windy conditions no matter what the location or altitude or we can fly the Multirotor at speeds up to 60 km/hr, perfect for chase scenes.

The Multirotor Pilot has FPV, or First Person View, and is able to fly the Multirotor visually from the on-board camera to a monitor on his Radio Transmitter Tray. The system has OSD, or On Screen Data, giving GPS position, direction back, altitude and speed, thus giving exceptional Situational Awareness and improving safety.

Hovercam’s Flag Ship is the Double Quad, designed and built in-house and is powered by 8 motors, 4 on top with the propellers pointing upwards and another 4 motors mounted beneath those with the propellers pointing downwards. This configuration delivers exceptional high load lifting capabilities, increased efficiency and redundancy in the event a motor should fail allowing the Multirotor to safely return and land. It is equipped with retractable landing gear allowing the camera gimbal free unrestricted 360 degree rotation totally independent of the Multirotor. Flight times vary depending on the payload and vary from 15 mins with a Canon 5D MkIII to 9 mins with a Blackmagic 4K Camera fitted. Each camera is mounted on a dedicated, fully independent quick release gimbal enabling us to quickly change cameras without wasting time setting up the gimbal, gimbal controller and “Live View” equipment.

Hovercam’s smaller more compact Multirotor is a TBS Discovery Quad Copter. It also has FPV and OSD and is fitted with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition on a 2 axis stabilised gimbal giving 15 mins flight time. It is ideal for missions which don’t require using the larger, more sophisticated cameras.