Hovercam “Airborne Vision Solutions”

Hovercam was started in the early 1990’s by Lance Robb using radio controlled helicopters to carry cameras and take photos and video. Even back in those early days Lance could see the potential of using radio controlled helicopters as an aerial photography and video platform. There simply wasn’t the technology available for the helicopters or the camera equipment to truly get the quality we wanted so it was put on the shelf to wait for the technology develop.

Since then the technology has evolved and so has Hovercam. As soon as the first Multirotors started flying we could see this was what we had been waiting for and he started building and flying them. We build our own Multirotors in-house along with all our control and support equipment. We source the best components and systems available from all over the world and integrate them into our Multirotors and support equipment placing them at the cutting edge and making them second to none. As new technology becomes available we integrate this into our systems which are continually evolving so we can offer our clients the best possible product there is.

We operate from Cairns, Far North Queensland and are able to operate anywhere at any time. We have the infrastructure and equipment to operate on location efficiently no matter where that happens to be either locally, interstate or overseas. We can even fly ourselves and our equipment to any location saving time and money to get the job completed on time and on budget.

CASA approval and issued with “UAV OPERATOR’S CERTIFICATE 1-12ZCD5-01

Fully Insured with $20,000,000.00 Liability cover.

Member of “Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc”

Key Personnel

Lance Robb

Lance RobbLance started flying Radio Controlled Helicopters over 20 years ago and became one of the first 2 Radio Controlled Helicopter Instructors in Queensland. Lance actually assisted in writing the Radio Controlled Helicopter Instructor Course and Programme with, then Chief Flying Instructor, Ron DeChastell and has been actively flying and teaching student helicopter pilots since. 4 years ago Lance started building and flying Multirotors and soon saw their potential for Aerial Photography and has been developing and flying his Multirotor systems since.

Lance has a passion for flying full size Aircraft and is an accomplished Commercial Airplane Pilot. His passion is flying Warbirds and has flown Aerobatics, Precision Formation and Handling Displays at Airshows all around Queensland for the past 10 years.


Brett Unterrheiner

Brett Unterrheiner

Brett has spent much of his working life either on, in or under the Ocean. He is a qualified Ship’s Master, Engineer, Dive Instructor and Dive Medical Specialist. He is a keen Photographer and has been our Airborne Camera Operator since 2014. Brett is training to become a UAV Pilot